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Information Release Conference of Antibiotics Industry (2011)
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Time:December 17-18. 2010 (one and a half days)
Organiser:Beijing Orientbit Technology Co., Ltd (
Fee: RMB 1800 Yuan (not including hotel change)

After more than 30 years' development, China's pharmaceutical industry has melting into the world pharmaceutical industry. Chinese antibiotics industry plays important role in the global pharmaceutical industry chain. Antibiotics have big market size and close relations to human health. The industrial chain structure of antibiotics is most complex and the market is influenced by varied and complex factors.

Information Release Conference of Antibiotics Industry (2011), held by, will all-round represent the information of Chinese antibiotics industry from the views of market, industry, capital, research and development, technology.

Topics in the conference:
1. Production expansion events of antibiotics industry in recent years, i.e. the analysis on the structure of industry chain
2. Seeing the market strategies of multinational companies in Chinese antibiotics market from the export of antibiotics
3. The analysis on the bidding companies of antibiotics preparations in medical organizations
4. The structure of industry on the antibiotics listed in essential drugs list and reimbursement list
5. Remarks on the features and advantages of small-size antibiotics
6. Price trends of big-size antibiotics and intermediates
7. Fermentation technology dynamics of fermentation-produced antibiotics in China or foreign countries
8. Technology dynamics of synthetic and semi-synthetic antibiotics in China or foreign countries
9. The key points of enzyme technology used in the industrialization of antibiotics

"Quintessence shows in the detailed information", we invite you to participate in the conference sincerely, to enjoy the feast of information.

Mr. Zhou
Tel: 010-68012929-2106 Fax:010-68052505

Notice: We communicate in Chinese at the conference. The conference is suitable for Chinese speakers
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