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After 20 years of failure, Is there Hope for targeted Aβ therapy for AD?2023-03-20
$161 million! China Biopharmaceutical completes acquisition of F-star Therapeutics2023-03-10
The different paths of Chinese foreign diabetes giants: double males double bears2023-03-03
Sanofis cracked quadrivalent influenza virus vaccine, VaxigripTetra?, was approved for sale in China2023-03-03
Star ADC Therapy DS-8201 approved for market in China!2023-03-03
Star ADC Therapy DS-8201 approved for market in China!2023-03-01
For the first time, heparin was incorporated into the country, which ushered in a change in the ten-billion market2023-03-01
Asia Hong Pharma announced that it has co-developed an innovative tumor therapy based on AI+RNA technology route with ReviR2023-02-16
Dapagliflozin is approved in the EU for the treatment of symptomatic chronic heart failure2023-02-16
Tronsound long-acting IL-36R antibody obtained FDA clinical IND2023-02-16
Hua Quejing Medical has received tens of millions of yuan of exclusive investment from Shenzhen Venture Capital continues to lead the intelligent development of rehabilitation robots2023-02-10
Eli Lilly Tirzepatides Phase III trial in obese or overweight adult patients in China was successful2023-02-10
Is the class solidified? From Biotech to Pharma2023-02-10
Ribo Biologics announced that the worlds first FIH application for a siRNA drug targeting FXI has been successfully approved by HREC in Australia2023-02-10
Asia Hong Pharma announced that it has co-developed an innovative tumor therapy based on AI+RNA technology route with ReviR2023-02-10
Dapagliflozin is approved in the EU for the treatment of symptomatic chronic heart failure2023-02-10
Tronsound long-acting IL-36R antibody obtained FDA clinical IND2023-02-10
9 million people develop diabetes, which is strongly associated with this risk factor!2023-01-12
Luoqi Biotech LQ043H single-domain antibody nebulizer was approved for clinical trials2023-01-12
When the most prevalent mutant strain in the United States, it was detected in China2023-01-12
2022 FDA approval of new drug transcript2023-01-12
Qilu Pharmaceuticals "Ertapeneem Sodium for Injection" was approved for marketing the first to pass the consistency evaluation2023-01-12
The State Food Drug Administration accepted the marketing application of Ditze Pharma suvortinib2023-01-12
The global number of new crown sequelae is estimated to be nearly 145 million, we must be vigilant against these "new crown sequelae" after "Yangkang"!2023-01-06
Nicolas Pharmaceutical, the life death bureau of innovative drug patents2023-01-06
Domestic anti-HIV new drug, Addison Pharmaceuticals "Inomitine Tablets" was approved for marketing!2023-01-06
Medical insurance negotiation prospect: sky-high drugs, Paxlovid waiting for "turning positive", PD-(L)1 once again chasing the deer...2023-01-06
Deqi Pharmaceutical Merck reached a global clinical cooperation2022-12-29
Clovis files for bankruptcy! The market value once exceeded 10 billion, PARP inhibitors once called AstraZeneca2022-12-15
Lilly gave up the overseas rights interests of Cindilimab, Cinda PD-1 had difficulty going to sea?2022-12-12
Global Vaccine Market Rises to the TopAgain2022-11-17
The first in the world! Huadong Pharmaceuticals new FRα target ADC was approved by the FDA2022-11-17
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